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Types of personal information

Personal information is what identifies you and can be used to contact you directly. We always collect information voluntary either given to us by our clients or visitor. The types of personal information we will take from you include your name, account or policy number, social security number, credit card number, telephone number, email address, and postal or billing address.

Why we need your personal information

To know about you so that we can provide the insurance and other products and services you have asked for.

To determine whether you have qualified for coverage and at what rate.

If you are insured with us, we might need your personal information to enable us, conduct periodic reviews to make sure you are still eligible for coverage.

We also need the information to know your name, age and any other person from your household who is registered.

How we get personal information

Most of the information we get from you. Your application and your claims are the most important information. We may also need to find more about you to make sure the type of information we have collected is complete.

How we protect your information

The information you give us is confidential and no one can access it without your consent. Our employees take good care of all our clients’ information when handling them. They may get your information only with a good reason. Also we take care of our computers and make sure that the information inside it is safe guarded.

How we manage and disclose your personal information

When we use what we know about you, it will help us to serve you better and to ensure you are served well. Sometimes we are allowed by law to use it and disclose it to our affiliates and other for important purposes such as:

1. To help us evaluate your request for a product or service from us or an affiliate

2. To enable us process claims and other transactions

3. Confirm or correct your personal information

4. This might help us prevent fraud and other crimes

5. Help us run our business

6. To comply with applicable laws

7. Process information for us

8. Perform research for us

9. Audit our business

At some point, we might disclose information to others to perform business services for us; they must agree to protect this information. And they may use the information only for the purposes of performing those business services.

How you can update your personal information

At best, car insurance company we give our customers the privilege of updating your personal information. You can update your personal information by directly contacting any of our agents or the customer care unit and he/she will help you updating the information. You can also use our online recourses page to submit any changes to your personal information.

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